Saturday, April 14, 2012

salvage, 2012

I'm so glad the Indie Craft Experience was created. New York and California have such wonderful flea markets where you can snag '50s dresses and little trinkets. Now that I know ICE exists, I will be attending every single one.

Today was their event "Salvage." Vintage vendors around Atlanta brought their best. The event also focused on repurposed items and crafts.

I snagged this beautiful blouse. The lady in charge of the booth (Opal Mae and Miss Dot) was sad to part with it. I can understand why.

That collar is to die for. I'm so glad I found it tucked away on the rack. I also picked up some little kelly green heels, a pearl collar and a giant daisy pin.

Yes, I'm a sucker for embellishments. And peter pan collars. Put those two together, and I'm a pretty happy gal.

Friday, April 13, 2012

orange, ooh la la

Yes, I'm hopping on the orange bandwagon. I've never been much of an orange fan. It's bright and can get seriously tacky in no time. But I picked up an orange shift dress from the thrift store last year and got some use out of it, pairing it with a turquoise (a really difficult word to spell) cardigan.

This year, I'm slowly easing into the trend with some makeup.

I picked up Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy. The next item on my shopping list is Revlon's Orange Flip.

Look how pretty it is on Cupcakes and Cashmere's Emily:

I've never been one for saturated colors. I stick with my neutrals - grey, navy, black. But there's something about all of last year's crazy colorblocking got me into some fluorescent colors like fuchsia (another difficult word to spell) and highlighter yellow.

So, I really can't wait to pick up an orange lipcolor. It's the easiest way to look dressed up when you're a neutral girl like me.